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Sustainability & Quality

At Bang & Bonsomer, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. We understand that sustainability is a key part of our future, and we are fully dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible way.

The Bang & Bonsomer Group acknowledges the importance of sustainability efforts in environmental, social, and governance considerations.

In particular, we focus on the following five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:


good health and well-being


decent work
and economic


industry, innovation and infra­structure


responsible consump­tion and produc­tion


climate action

We are committed to contributing to these goals. We participate by setting medium- and long-term goals, establishing a programme to achieve these, and measuring our progress.

Our targets are:

  • Sustained presence and participation in the society and the market with positive reciprocal effects
  • Carbon neutrality of our operations
  • Improved chemical management
  • Improved information flow on carbon footprint from suppliers to customers
  • Personnel satisfaction and providing opportunities for self-actualisation

We have a number of policies and practices in place to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

Sustainability KPIs 2023

Below are just a few examples.

Whenever possible, we are committed to using renewable energy sources. We have a number of projects in development that focus on the use of renewable energy sources in our facilities and ensure that we can use waste and side streams in the most efficient way possible.

We encourage our employees to use public transportation, ride bicycles or walk to the office. We have a hybrid working model in place to further decrease the strain on the environment caused by work related travel and commuting. We also prefer suppliers and contractors who have adopted sustainable business practices wherever possible.

We are constantly looking for new, ecological, and biodegradable products to add to our portfolio. Ecological approach is the key to the success of any business in the modern era and we aim to develop these qualities as our experienced and professional team works together with our customers to further develop ecological approach each day.

The methods used to achieve our sustainability goals include increasing the general awareness among our employees and partners. We are continuously developing our portfolio with sustainability and responsibility considerations in mind. Our employees are devoted to continuously improving their knowledge of the supply chain and our management is dedicated to ensuring a safe and reliable workplace.

Our company is committed to balancing our carbon footprint through energy efficiency and other green initiatives. We hope our practices and policies will inspire others to do the same.

Part of our mission is to contribute to the sustainability of our global society by striving to do business in a responsible manner. Our company is committed to safeguarding the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the public communities in which we operate. To this end, we believe that we have a duty to do everything possible to prevent any adverse impact our activities may have on the environment, and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and increase the sustainability of our operations.

Bang & Bonsomer is a family-owned business, and the tradition of entrepreneurial mindset is still prevalent in our organisational culture. We believe in looking after our employees as well as we look after our customers, ensuring that everyone who works for us enjoys a healthy work-life balance, feels perfectly secure working for us, and has a sense of being part of a community.

Our company strives to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics. We value the safety and respect of everyone affected by our business. You have a vital role in our success.

Our whistleblowing service is an early warning system to reduce risks. It is an important tool to foster high ethical standards and maintaining customer and public confidence in us.

The whistleblowing service can be used to alert us about serious risks of wrongdoing affecting people, our organisation, society, or the environment. Your report can include information regarding criminal offences, irregularities and violations or other actions in breach of EU or national laws, within a work-related context.

You do not need proof of your suspicions, but all messages must be made in good faith.

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