Bang & Bonsomer Group Oy acquires entire share capital of Pro-Glue A/S.

Bang & Bonsomer Group acquires all the shares of the Danish glue manufacturer Pro-Glue A/S. The transaction was completed on June 1, 2024. With this business merger, Bang & Bonsomer strengthens its position as a manufacturer of versatile water-based adhesives in the Nordic countries and beyond. Bang & Bonsomer produces and supplies high quality adhesives for wood, construction, paper, and packaging industries under Larucoll, Larufix, Larupur and Larumelt brands. Pro-Glue A/S will continue its regular businesses and product developments as a separate unit inside Bang & Bonsomer Group.

Pro-Glue, established in the 1940s, has been a pioneer in the development and production of high-performance adhesives, as well as providing unparalleled service across all adhesive solutions. Their expertise lies in utilizing natural resources such as starches, dextrines, casein, and proteins to create superior bonding solutions.

In response to the growing demand for eco-friendly products, Pro Glue has expanded their offerings with the innovative and sustainable Biotack product range. From trusted labelling and paper converting solutions to cutting-edge developments for various applications also covering all applications with their Protack branded of synthetic adhesives, hotmelt adhesives and many other technologies.

Bang & Bonsomer Group is a Finnish family-owned company that delivers Smart Material Technologies to selected industries, applications and processes. Bang & Bonsomer Group’s turnover was 170 million euros in 2023, having 315 employees and operations in 11 countries.

Helsinki, 4th of June 2024

CEO, Bang & Bonsomer

Jørgen Thaulov

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