We are a business driven organization. Our structure is made up of industry focused Business Units and effective Administration Platform. The operational management is supported by an active and experienced Board.

Mikko Teittinen CEO
Seppo Hynnä CFO
Eero Kangaslahti Business Unit Director Building, Adhesives & Sealants
Tõnu Saar Business Unit Director Composites
Ernestas Mitkus Business Unit Director Food Ingredients
Leo Partanen Business Unit Director Industrial Chemicals
Patrik Gallen Business Unit Director Paint & Coating
Aet Jässi Business Unit Director Personal & Home Care
Tom Stenberg Business Unit Director Plastics & Packaging
Andrei Nikiforov Business Unit Director Rubber & Polymer Compounding
Eero Kangaslahti COO
Terhi Ahde-Uusitalo Group HR
Kairi Valgerist Group Marketing Manager
Zoya Mäkelainen Quality & Product Safety