• Alkaline liquid cleaners
  • Alkaline powder cleaners
  • Acid cleaners
Pickling additives
  • Pickling acid inhibitor & wetting agent solutions
  • Pickling acid inhibitors
  • Pickling acid wetters
Nickel Chrome plating systems
  • Bright nickel chemistry
  • Semi bright nickel chemistry
  • Satin nickel chemistry
  • Chrome 6+ chemistry
  • Chrome 3+ chemistry
Zinc plating systems
  • Acid zinc chemistry
  • Alkaline zinc chemistry
  • Zinc-iron chemistry
  • Zinc-nickel chemistry
Zinc passivation systems
  • Blue passivation
  • Yellow passivation
  • Black passivation for zinc and zinc-iron
  • Black passivation for zinc-nickel
  • Thick film passivation for high anti-corrosion performance
Electroless nickel systems
  • Low phosphate electroless nickel chemistry
  • Mid phosphate electroless nickel chemistry
  • High phosphate electroless nickel chemistry
  • Nickel boron chemistry
  • Nickel PTFE chemistry
Hard chrome systems
  • Catalyzed chrome chemistry
Aluminum surface treatment systems
  • Aluminum cleaners
  • Aluminum pickling additives
  • Aluminum zincate processes
  • Chrome free passivates for Electronics
  • Chrome free passivates for pre paint application
Post Treatments
  • Water based laquers
  • Water based sealers
Waste water treatment chemistry
  • Scanpol product family
  • Iron based water coagulants
  • Aluminum chloride based water coagulants
  • Anionic and cathionic polymers
  • Sand filter cleaner additives
  • Water grinding additives
Plating anodes
  • Zinc anode balls
  • Nickel anode coins
  • Tin anodes
  • Silver anodes
  • Lead anodes
Filtering media
  • Siebec filters
  • Mefiag filters
  • Filter spare parts
  • Filter papers
  • Filter cartridges
Dosing and measuring units
  • Dosing pumps, pH and Redox instruments and electrodes
Titanjigs and baskets
Grinding and polishing machines