BU Packaging & Plastics focuses on supplying high quality substrates and specialty raw materials for different extrusion, molding and converting processes within packaging and plastics industries. Our core activities are divided into three application focused business segments.

Engineering Plastics – thermoplastic elastomers, polyamides, co-polyesters, tailor made high temperature and high-performance plastic compounds, color and additive masterbatches for injection molding, extrusion of pipe, profile, tube, multilayer barrier pipes and for rotomolding.

Flexible Packaging – barrier polymers (EVOH and Nylon resins), tie layer (resins), polyester films, polypropylene films, nylon films, SB/SL adhesives for lamination, WB adhesives and coatings,  colour and additive masterbatches for film extrusion and blow molding.

Paper & Board –corrugating raw materials (white and brown testliner, fluting medium, kraft top), microflute and corrugated specialities, through dyed paper and board, SBS board, folding boxboard, whitelined chipboard, sack papers, kraft papers, 3D papers (FibreForm), recycled office papers, label papers, self-adhesive laminates, tear tapes.