Technical sales, warehousing and processing of chemicals of hazard classifications such as very toxic;  toxic;  corrosive;  irritant; harmful; environmentally hazardous R50, R50/53, R51/53; flammable liquids; oxidizing substances

mahutiChemical processing facility

  • Location in Valkeakoski, Finland
  • Bulk chemical tanks of 20-1700 m³
  • Mixers, dissolving equipment and packing lines for chemical volumes ranging from 10 – 10 000 tons per annum
  • Floor area 3300 m²
  • 1500 pallet places
  • Standard packaging sizes such as IBC-container, 200 l drum and 30 l canister
  • Transportation by truck or railway
  • Security services, water treatment facility and fire department on site
  • Food & feed approvals