We invite you to visit our booth (№E03) at the exhibition Composite-Expo, which will take place in Moscow in the second pavilion of Crocus Expo from the 25th to 27th of February 2015.  Composite Expo is Russia is a unique exhibition event in Russia and is a platform for development and introduction of composite technologies and materials in different branches of industry.  This year Expo will take place in the 8th time.  On the first day of the Expo there also will be held 6th practical-research conference “Modern State and Prospects of Development of Production and Use of Composite Materials in Russia”

In the field of composite materials, we specialize in closed mold technology – RTM, vacuum RTM (VRTM / RTM Light), infusion, autoclaving and vacuum bagging, and large-scale production technologies – pultrusion, filament winding and SMC / BMC.

At our booth there will be a lot of product samples that demonstrate the use of materials of our suppliers in a variety of manufacturing processes in Russia and abroad.

We will be happy to introduce you variety of technologies for the production of composite products, their characteristics, advantages that can be obtained using these or other materials.  Also, we invite you to meet technical specialists of our suppliers, who can answer questions and give advice on your production.

On the big screen, at our booth, we will show a video about the production of composite tooling technology for VRTM and other videos showing interesting techniques in the production of composite products.

We are ready to share with you experience of our customers who have already set up the production of fire retardant composites, yachts, parts for minibuses, rail buses and air drones.

At the exhibition we will present following suppliers:


–        COMPOSITE INTEGRATION – RTM, LRTM and infusion technologies

–        CYTEC – vacuum bagging and vacuum infusion technologies


Resins and Curing Agents

–        MÄDER – FR polyester resins, FR gel coats, coatings

–        POLYNT – polyester resins, vinylester resins

–        DOW – epoxy systems including hardeners

–        ELANTAS – epoxy adhesives, tooling boards, tooling pastes

–        PERGAN – polyester hardeners, catalysts, inhibitors


Reinforcements and sandwich materials

–        SGL TECHNOLOGIES – carbon fabrics/tapes, carbon prepregs, carbon fiber

–        SAERTEX / DEVOLD – multi-axials, unidirectionals, combi stitched fabrics

–        SCOTT & FYFE – flow mats, nets, tapes, combination flow mats

–        TAISHAN – CSM, spray-up roving, direct roving, woven rovings


Auxilary products

–        MARBOCOTE – semi-permanent release agents

–        CHROMAFLO – pigment pastes

–        ACRALOCK – MMA adhesives

–        BIG HEAD – metal inserts for composite laminates

–        ROBUSO – tools for cutting


If you already know about the time of your visit, and you will need an invitation, please send us an email to rus-composites@bangbonsomer.com and we will meet you.

Looking forward to seeing you at our booth!