As of the 15th of September 2015 Bang & Bonsomer has acquired all shares of Mats Karlsson Ab and its subsidiaries Unicolor AB and Normatch AS.

Unicolor/Normatch is a Scandinavian producer of plastic colours and additives with production facilities and offices in Ängelholm, Sweden (Unicolor AB) and in Oslo, Norway (Normatch AS). Unicolor/Normach is specialized in customized high quality masterbatches for the plastic converting industry and is well-known for their prompt and exact colour matching process.

Bang & Bonsomer is a Finnish application focused specialty raw material distributor operating also in Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic countries.

The acquisition strengthens Bang & Bonsomer’s position within the packaging and plastics industries. Bang & Bonsomer has been a distributor of Unicolor masterbatches in Finland since 2011 and in the Baltics since 2013. The acquisition enables expansion of Unicolor’s sales further to Russia and the CIS area and it offers Bang & Bonsomer a platform to expand its other businesses into the Scandinavian countries.

All the personnel of Unicolor and Normatch, except the former owner Mats Karlsson, will continue in Bang & Bonsomer. Unicolor and Normatch will be merged to Bang & Bonsomer Group and Unicolor will stay as a brand name for the products in the whole market.
Helsinki, 15th of September 2015


Mikko Teittinen                                              

CEO, Bang & Bonsomer