Following the world market crisis, the company goes through a difficult period with some restructuring and painful cuts.
At the age of 70 years Mr K.J. Hertell decides to retire as Chairman of the Board. He continues as a member of the Board and an active advisor. A new Chairman of the Board, Mr Ralf Klärich, is appointed in December 2009. Mr Mikko Teittinen is appointed as CEO in early 2010. Mr Hertell sells minority shares of the company to Mr Klärich, Mr Teittinen. The Hertell family retains three seats on the Board and the majority of the shares.
The market situation slowly improves and business takes off again.
In 2010 Bang & Bonsomer invests in equipment and starts a plant in co-operation with Movere Oy in UPM’s pulp factory in Valkeakoski, Finland. The plant starts processing, packing and warehousing chemicals and food and feed additives.